AJIS Section Release: Selected Papers from the Australasian Conference on Data Mining (AusDM)


Selected Papers from the Australasian Conference on Data Mining (AusDM) 2016

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Special Section CFP: Emerging Mobile Healthcare Research for Developing Nations


"Emerging Mobile Healthcare Research for Developing Nations: Citizen, Organisation, Governmental and Technological Perspectives"

The aim of this special section is to bring together leading research in mobile healthcare, describing approaches relevant to the context of developing countries. The objective is to examine diverse issues of social, economic, cultural and technological context related to public healthcare, clinical healthcare, healthcare management, hospital management and other healthcare informatics. With a developing nations focus, we seek different methods, models, constructs, solution applications or specific architectures and theories related to M-health research and practice.

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Special Section CFP: Research on Role of Technology in Workforce Management

Recent advancements in human resource management (HRM) and organizational behavior (OB) are predominantly technology driven that require techno-savvy human resource managers. In general, the quest for effective and efficient workforce management has led to embracing digitization. It does affect the several stages of HR process such as recruitment, selection, performance appraisal, demand forecasting, supply forecasting, job description, job specification, job analysis, job evaluation, training and development, career planning and development, succession planning, etc. Technology as a disruptor in the workplace has major consequences for employees and employers.  
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AJIS Improvement: AJIS RSS/ATOM feed

AJIS now has an RSS/ATOM feed  
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AJIS Improvement: Automatic update of ORCID publication records

Your publication records will automatically update on ORCID  
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AJIS Reviews: How to respond to reviewer comments

An insightful three minute video with some good advice  
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Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism

The AIS Research Conduct Committee (RCC) has published a statement on plagiarism issues  
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AJIS Reviews: Advice on writing rejections

What should go into a rejection advice? Some ideas to think about.  
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